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For a just future for all – strengthening people for sustainability

22. Januar 2021 bis 24. Januar 2021

we demand justice and change

// Eine Veranstaltung der Kreisau-Initiative und dem Konzeptwerk mit Christoph Sanders und Esther Wawerda
// Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt

How can educational work strengthen and motivate people to commit themselves to a sustainable way of living and solidarity and to stand up for it? The main idea of this training is to learn how to support people to get active for a just and ecologically sustainable future.

1. How can I integrate alternative and inspiring ideas of a just and sustainable future into my educational work?
2. How can I enable „Learning in social-ecological Real-world-Projects“?
3. What are the central capabilities/resources that I can strengthen through my educational work with my target groups?

In the training, we will explore learning methods that:
a) give an insight into the relevance of utopias for a just future, to overcome the paralyzing idea that there would be no alternative forms of social organization than the current (capitalist) one
b) promote learning with „head, heart and hand“, essential to enable people to change values and actions, e.g. through real-world projects of „social-ecological alternatives“ (e.g. community supported agriculture)
c) enable to strengthen skills and resources – such as solidarity, communication, dealing with insecurity, mindfulness, empathy – for change towards a more just and sustainable future.
The training will give you the opportunity to experience and discuss methods from these three focal points. You will have time to transfer them to your own educational practice, to exchange experiences and ideas and to network for future cooperations and exchange.
We will inform you soon about the video conferencing tool we will use.
The participation is based on donations.



22. Januar 2021
24. Januar 2021